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Image 1Q.How do I register to become a member of Coastline Worship Center (CWC)?
Go to www.rccg.org, Scrowl to Coastline Worship Center and click on Read More, the system will take you straight to CoastLine Worship Center page. Read through the details and click on REGISTER. Complete the form and submit, the system will route you to the payment gateway where you will make the first payment to activate your account. Thereafter the system will send you a mail and a text message with your Coastline Worship Center Code.

Q.If I register today can I still join the Team?
Yes of course, you can join the team. All you need to do is to complete your payment.

Q.What do I do after I have registered?
Then you should login with your Coastline Worship Center (CWC) codes and your telephone number as password and click on DONATE from your membership page.

Q. How do I login to make payment and to check what I have paid todate?
Simple, just go to COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER & click on LOGIN from the Membership Area, then enter your CWC Code, the telephone number you use when you registered and click on LOGIN. When you successfully login into your membership area the system will display as follows:

Q.I have difficulties login into my membership page what do I do wrong?
A number of reasons including but not limited to those included below:

  • The CWC code is case sensitive. For instance if your CWC Code is RCCGCWC123456 and you enter rccgcwc123456 you will not be able to login to your membership page.
  • Remember how you input your telephone number and which of them you actually use when you registered as CWC member. Did you use country code when registering? For instance if a member with mobile phone number 07048170417 registered from the US and he choose US as his country code the system will store his mobile phone details as 17048170417. To login you either input your phone number as 07048170417 or as 17048170417 whichever and the system will take you to your membership page.
  • If you are yet to register.

Q.I registered myself and everything went well. When I decided to register my wife I used the same phone number and the same email address for my registration and that of my wife but I have problem registering my wife details even with her name.
You can register people with different name, but with the same phone number, address etc but the system will require different email for each registration. If the email is the same the system will display the following error “Your details was not submitted to our system, hence you can't be registered at this time, please check if you don't currently exist on our system”. Make sue you use different email address to successfully complete your registration.


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