COD Pastors

Dearly Beloved,

It gives me a great pleasure to inform you that work on RCCG Coastline Worship Centre has begun. It is exciting because we are building an edifice for the LORD our God and the Master of the Universe, Jesus Christ our Saviour and our Redeemer, lets somebody shout Halleluyah !!!

The RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTRE is a unique and innovative masterpiece located in the heart of the fast growing and developing coastal centre of Ebutte-Meta, Lagos. It will consist of a tower with 17 floors, mutilevel car pack and a jetty with capacity to dock 16 boats. The Coastline Worship Centre is a 21st Century style structure designed with special features such as; a helipad, world class auditorium and conference centre, elevator, a medical centre and facilities, a shopping centre, banking halls amongst other features and facilities which will improve the social, health and economic activities within the Ebutte-Meta Coastline area.

The Throne of Grace, which is the National Headquarters of the RCCG is the mother church to all branches of the RCCG all over the world.

The history of the church is well known, from the time of the founder Pa Josiah Akindayomi who started with a house fellowship of twelve people at No. 9, Willoughby Street, Ebute metta, Lagos, South West Nigeria, the Church by the mercy and grace of God has grown phenomenally with branches in over 190 countries/territories of the world today.

This ground breaking of the new National Headquarters is another milestone in the divinely directed journey of the RCCG and it is envisioned to attract God’s end time army of youths who are empowered and equipped to fly, deploying the best technology available, to take soul winning to a new level. It will also serve as a sanctuary of intense prayers in accordance with Matthew 21:13 for God to attend to those who pray to him concerning their personal needs, for Nigeria and all other nations of the world.

God bless you.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye,
General Overseer RCCG


Whether you are a member of the ONLINE RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER or not you can still make your contribution online or by cash towards the Church Project by following the instruction below:

For example, if you are willing to make a minimum contribution of N25, 000 every month means I am joining ONLINE RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER. Therefore, click on RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER and register normally and make your first payment. For you to save your details your payment must be equal to or greater than =N=25,000. After then the system will display your ONLINE RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER membership code i.e. RCCGCWC00001 & this code will be sent to your email and to your mobile phone as text. When next you want to make your payment you don’t need to register again just click on the LOGIN link above then enter your membership code and your mobile phone number as password, you can then make payment again until you complete the 8th payment on your schedule. You can click on payment details to see how many payments you have made.

For each payment you make you will receive either a confirmation email and/or sms whichever and you can login to view your payments. You can download RCCG ONLINE RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER apps for mobile payment too from .

I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE BUT DON’T WANT TO JOIN THE ONLINE RCCG COASTLINE WORSHIP CENTER: You are welcome too and we have several people like you, just click Here

We pray that every partaker shall also see the end of this glorious project, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.